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Abdul Raziq Achekzay was the military commander and police commander of the Kandahar province of Afghanistan. He was known as one of the most ardent opponents of the Taliban and Pakistan in Afghanistan. This three-star general has been targeted by the Taliban several times, finally since the end of the security meeting between the officials of Kandahar local authorities and the US Army and Resolute support mission Commander, General Abdul Raziq Achekzay, and was targeted by a terrorist called Gulbuddin, general Raziq died after a while the incident took place.


General Abdul Raziq, son of Mohammad Khan, was born in 1979 in the district of Spin Boldak, in Kandahar. He was the commander of Kandahar police. And was born in the large and most powerful family of Achekzay, an influential and significant Kandahar tribe. He was captured by the Taliban at the time while they were controlling Afghanistan, along with his father and his uncle, but he managed to escape from their prison, but his father and his uncle were killed by the Taliban. In 2002, he entered the Afghan security forces and he became commander of border police Kandahar border Spin Boldak district. When the Taliban arrived in Kandahar City near the gateway in 2008, he assisted Ahmed Wali Karzai and Asadullah Khalid and launched the first independent operation of the Afghan forces against the Taliban, which allowed them to retreat. He became police commander of Kandahar in 2011 after Khan Muhammad Mujahid the ex-police commander was assassinated, he served as a powerful police commander in Kandahar for seven years.

He carried out many operations against the Taliban in Kandahar, Zabul, Helmand, and Urozgan, and he gained popularity among Afghan citizens. Kandahar province was in good condition during the mission of General Abdul Raziq Achekzay while he was serving as the commander of Kandahar police, and now Kandahar is one of Afghanistan’s relatively secure provinces.

He was close to former president Hamid Karzai, but he did not have a good relationship with current president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. repeatedly reports on behalf of his dismissal, was leaked to media but because of his popularity, the president has not been able to demand his own to take action against Kandahar Police commander. General Abdul Raziq was shot down on October 18, 2018, when he was present at the Kandahar Governor’s Office, with the presence of the commander of the US and Resolute Support mission and local commanders. Nearly three and a half of yesterday pm after being slaughtered by a striker, who later identified him as a Taliban insurgent group member, he was targeted and killed. After martyred Abdul Raziq Achekzay, commander of the Kandahar police was assassinated by Taliban, president Ghani issued a new general ranking for him.

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