Pasbanan- Kabul:

In past few months Afghanistan is facing a fragile political and economic situation more than ever. Hopes for normalization of situation in this geography has given place to sorrow, mourn and even most of the young generation is willing to escape from Afghanistan to safe their live and rest is peace. But among this generation still we have several youths that they are working for calmness of their citizens, Hamid Sultani is one of those youngest businessman’s in the country that have worked for civilization in several years in the country, especially Kabul city.

This young business man who has got award of youth peace ambassador in Afghanistan says: for changing this country and its people we must boost solidarity and our youths should know that this is their land and they must stay in their homeland, there is no way to become immigrant. Mr. Sultani also adds: In order to improve the economic situation of citizens and to escape from economic dependence, businessmen and traders in the country should pay Zakat to the poor people of Afghanistan. It will help to eliminate poverty in the country.

Mr. Hamed Sultani has been able to finalize and put into operation several construction projects, including construction of several roads, schools and social institutions. He is a young businessman of the country, and emphasizes that in order to change the situation of Afghan citizens, especially the citizens of the capital, he is ready to do more. In addition, Mr. Sultani says he has plans to improve livelihoods for athletes and will continue to support athletes from different provinces of the country.


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