Pasbanan- Kabul:

Around 12 PM NDS forces were able to seize 3500 KG explosive materials which was entering Kabul city. Security sources said: “the type of this explosive material is Potassium chloride and it was bargained from that side of the border. The goal of bringing this material to Kabul city was to launch massive and deadly terrorist attacks that fortunately our forces were able to seize this amount of explosive materials.” At the same time the officials added: “this material was brought to Kabul by a 1620 truck. It was placed under sugar packs. The terrorists were using this material in making Motor bombs, suicide vests and even IED’s. this material was bargained from Peshawar by Haqani network and it was brought by their facilitators to Kabul city.”

It is worth to say that NDS forces captured this material in Tangi Pol-e-Charkhi in the entrance gate of Kabul from east. It is also said that one suspect was arrested during operation. It is being several times that NDS forces are capturing a huge amount of explosive materials in Kabul city which was placed thousands of kilos of explosive device.

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