Pasbanan- Kabul:

Army 777 air brigade has announced that during past 24 hours at least helicopters of them were able to rescue at least 1000 people who were stacked in floods in tashqurghan of Balkh. It is also said that during floods in Balkh at least 200 houses were completely destroyed. Officials have also announced that 777 air brigade were able to rescue hundreds in Jozjan province also. According to a pilot of 777 air brigade they were able to rescue at least 800 people in Jozjan, he said that during floods in Jozjan at least 500 houses were completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Defense has announced in a newsletter that around 1200 citizens are threatened by floods in Khwaja Do Koh district of Jozjan and also Kulm district of Samangan, and currently they have fully readiness to tackle these challenges.

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