Reporter: Shaker Sangi

On the sidelines of the Munich Security Summit this afternoon, President Ghani met with Vice President Mike Pens On various issues, including the success of the South Asian strategy, electoral reform and peace process. The vice president of the United States said his country’s president admired the Supreme Leader of the President and the United States, based on shared interests.

Mike Pence said the United States is committed not to let Afghanistan once again become a safe haven for terrorists. He also acknowledged the actions of the incumbent President on electoral reform to ensure transparency in the elections, build confidence in the IEC and hold a consultative peace loya jirga, and said his country was giving full support to the presidential election in Afghanistan.

The president of the country expressed his support for the Afghan people from the participation and victim of the government and the people of the United States to Afghanistan, adding that the South Asian strategy has improved the situation.

President Ghani said: “With the South Asian strategy being used, the war in Afghanistan is no longer America’s war. Afghanistan’s security and defense forces fight and sacrifice for a free country and secure global hero city. President Ghani stressed that the current debate on peace required to secure lasting peace is needed.

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