Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: M.M North Zone

Sources in Balkh say that Asadullah Khalid, the acting head of the National Defense Minister, and Massoud Andarabi, the acting head of Interior Ministry, have arrived in Balkh to end the tensions between the presidential palace and Atta Mohammad Noor. Sources say that these two senior security officials are scheduled to meet with Atta Mohammad Noor. Concurrently with the arrival of the Nowruz and Rose ceremony, and after the use of military strength to disarm the former commander of the province and supporters of Atta Mohammad Noor, worries about the deterioration of the security situation in this province has increased.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Kabul urged all parties involved in Balkh to calm the situation of Balkh and its districts back to the earliest opportunity, and instead of using military strength against each other, the disputes should be solved through political talks. Meanwhile, presidential candidate Rahmatullah Nabil also expressed his willingness to mediate between Ata Mohammad Noor and the Presidential Palace to end the current tensions.

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