US intelligence officials once again reported worsening of situation in Afghanistan for upcoming year. The Russians warn that United States transfer ISIS to Afghanistan, and eventually the countries of the region worry about the deteriorating security situation in north of Afghanistan. Indeed, what is this all of worries and twists of two traditional rivals of the world against each other? And why Americans are warning about weakening state of Afghanistan in upcoming year. Maybe few people think that the warnings of president Ghani in terms of turn Afghanistan into a Proxy war battlefield are now becoming reality. Following defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, efforts are now being made to bring the remnants of this terrorist group to Afghanistan.

Russia has found that these militants are being transferred by anonymous helicopters in areas under ISIS control, but Afghan governments, Americans and NATO have no control over those areas. A day ago, the head of US intelligence agency, which was called in a testimony meeting to US Congress, warned that terrorists would expand their activities in upcoming year, and the scope of the ISIS fight in Afghanistan would be wider.

A scenario that is repeated every year before spring begins and has become a common thought for citizens of the country. But is the storm in the way? What is the consequence of ruling silence before start of the spring for citizens and the national unity government? It seems that insurgents have become more capable than before, and in upcoming season, they have found the ability to manage current battle against Afghan troops more than before. But in back door there is something else, United States warns that preparations for forthcoming season are taking place for beating Moscow in Afghanistan, and, in defiance of its traditional rival, does not hesitate to do anything.

So far, the game is perceived by every citizen, but most dangerous and worst part of current story is that the Afghan government has completely lost the ability to manage this battle. On the one hand, the inner rivals of the system and, on the other hand, the long-standing enemies of the region are looking for lying down to overthrow the current system. Now all the troubles remain and the people of this land must again prepare themselves for a new wave of this unrest. What can do to heal this untreated pain in a situation where everything does not go so far as the government thinks?While a lot of fingers rise because of the inability of national unity government leaders, these fingers should rise in a situation where the competition of the two world powers has risen rather than the struggle to achieve political power to secure national interests in the country, and It must be understood by politicians that the repetition of past mistakes will incite the battle of long-standing rivalry of two powers in Afghanistan, and will not make the fire much warmer, this will help the people of Afghanistan to lose their lives and will prepare two traditional rivals of the world to work in partnership with Afghanistan to create new opportunities for a peaceful and calm region.

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