Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

These days, it has been seen more often than from celebrities to the ordinary citizens in the world are using the app called “Faceapp”, which is made by a Russian company. The case that now Euro News report unveils its risks and warns that the use of this app will expose the information of cell phones. In a recent report, Euro News has written: “Using the Faceapp application to change images from your young age to old age and vice versa, as well as getting similar images of the second gender are more than usual, as, in a week, the software was downloaded 80 million times. But cybersecurity analysts suggest that the app may capture phone information and then put it to third parties for unspecific pre-defined uses. ”

Meanwhile, cybersecurity experts say that considering the Faceapp application, the software can store information and, if necessary, share this information with other parties. The experts warn that the software should not be relied on too much, since at first it is made of a Russian company, and in the second phase, the software has been troubled twice all over the world, both cases were racially rationalized.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, all citizens from famous celebrities to local people have been using the Faceapp to portray their faces in aging.

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