Pasbanan- Kabul:

Ghazni witnessed the deadliest attack on the Taliban almost a week ago. An event that, in addition to sacrificing Ghazni citizens, brought heavy casualties to the military and civilians in the city. According to statistics provided by government sources, more than 200 military and police forces were killed in the incident. Nearly 100 million $ was hit by financial losses for the residents of this city, and all of their assets were burned. Also during the fight Taliban safer a heavy casualty and hundreds of Taliban militants were killed in the incident, but according to a security source, dozens of police soldiers were wounded and many died. Along with that, a large number of ammunition and armaments of the country security forces were seized by the Taliban and more than ever before they were equipped by these equipment’s to fight back against Afghan security and defense forces.

But the main question mark is that was the government really aware of the incident or do they had intelligence information before this incident occurred? Intelligence sources say the government was aware of it before this deadly attack happened, but it did not work in due time. As long as the Taliban attacked the Ghazni police command and government buildings, the National Defense Minister was introducing his spokesman. A security source who was speaking to Pasbanan in condition of anonymity added: “before Taliban attacked Ghazni repeatedly security forces reported to the Ministry of Defense and Interior, when the Taliban launched massive attacks on the city center, senior government officials pledged that the Assistance forces would be sent to Ghazni in less than a few hours after the battle started, but these forces rushed to help security forces based in Ghazni After two days when the Taliban set fire to the entire city.

But the charm is another story, while Pakistani politicians uncovered this secret that Afghan government never talked about the presence of Pakistani troops to help the Taliban in the battle of Ghazni. “It’s so embarrassing to feel that the dead bodies of the Pakistani military members are being transferred from Afghanistan,” Ali Waziri, a Pakistani politician, wrote on Twitter. “Now this wrong policy can set us into the blacklist. Whenever such policies of our statesmen do not end, this can put us to a standstill. ”

Along with that, the deputy governor of Ghazni, told Pasbanan media group in a phone conversation: “There was already information about this bloody attack, but the widespread presence of Taliban and lack of the security forces in Ghazni, also due to widespread assaults in the districts, we were unable to prevent the Taliban from reaching to center of Ghazni,” Mohammad Amin Mubaligh, the deputy governor of Ghazni also added: “In order to improve the security situation in the province following the bloody Taliban attack on Ghazni, new measures have been taken, but after that The situation will return to normal in another week and the citizens of Ghazni will be able to achieve relative peace. This practical program would be implemented soon.”

According to media reports, dozens of Pakistani military forces participated in Ghazni war. According to media, this battle ended after more than 5 days of burning down the shops and markets of this city. In addition to the security forces, more than 400 Taliban have been killed in this deadly event and dozens of other fighters have also been wounded.

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