Pasbanan- Kabul

President Ghani has been featured on his official facebook page: We support anti-extremist marches in Pakistan. Mr. Ghani also said: “These civic strivings are the only alignment with extremism and inspired by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s non-aggression philosophy. Hence, I call on the international community and all civil institutions in Pakistan to continue their strongly and resolutely support for the protestors.

President Ghani has expressed hope that this move will lead to favorable results. Mr. Ghani continues to write: “As Lawyers marches in Pakistan succeeded, I hope that this Pashtun move will also lead to the elimination of terrorist attacks in that country. We ask the media to take into account the principle of impartiality with respect to their holy mission and bring the real image of these protests to the international community. The image of the protesters in the first place, which they were the victims of terrorist attacks, and I would like to see the images, in addition to the international community, to the Muslims in the world.

Referring to the recent events in the country He described: after the recent terrorist attacks in my capital, I asked all the Afghans, especially the citizens of countries of the region, to separate the lines of civilization, humanity and Islam from terror and insurgency Formation. In my opinion, after these comments, current moves in Pakistan are considered innovations that must be strongly supported by moral standards. Mr. Ghani emphasizes support for civilian movements in Pakistan, which the US Congress has previously decided to cut off its civilian assistance to Pakistan in order to exert further pressure on Islamabad.

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