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By: Shershah Nawabi

In upcoming 5 days Kabul citizens will be evident of Ashora ceremony. A religious tragedy in which grandson of Islam prophet Mohammad (P.C.B.U.) was martyred by Yazid. In this event Afghanistan and Islamic citizens especially Shiites are mourning more than any others. After Kabul Wednesday attack on wrestling club called Maiwand, citizens of west of Kabul are concerned of their security. They accused that the government is incapable and inefficient to provide security for the civilian centers, they emphasized that Afghan security and detection agencies are unable to provide security for Ashura ceremony. Rohullah is one of yesterday’s victims of family members told Pasbanan Media Group: “if ISIS-K believes that by such incidents they can stop us they have made mistake we will participate in Ashora. Also the state mans should know that such treats can’t stop us from our purpose if all of Shiite sons would be killed in this way we won’t be silence and it will be a proud moment for us.”

Aiwaz Ali is other member of victim’s family he says: “no one can prevent suicide attackers. Actually they are so active than our security forces and institutions. You were witness of ISIS-k attack which was in place several months ago. They entered interior ministry and 10 insurgents carried heavy fighting with Afghan security forces. While the government can’t secure its institutions how they can insure our safety.”

Qurban who has lost most his friend and colleges in this attack has come the scene to saw what’s going on. He says that yesterday’s victims are civilians, he adds: “all of the victims were civilians, there was no military man, nor any foreigner or any violated guy in this club. All of the athletes were workers and students that lost their lives or got wounded. My massage to state mans would be that if you are president or interior minister, you are only thinking for your own interest and how to secure your chairs. So you are nothing for us.”

While concerns over the security of Ashura ceremony have increased after the ISIS-K attack on Maiwand wrestling Club, President Ghani has instructed the security forces to ensure that Ashura security is properly provided. Mr. Ghani says: “I have directed the security forces to work seriously for providing ​​security in Ashura ceremony. Afghanistan is a model of religious ethnicity, the enemies of unity cannot divide our people and will preserve their coexistence. People with differences have lived in peace and enemies cannot stop our progress, terrorists and their supporters know that by committing such crimes. These incident cannot frustrate our brotherhood and national unity.”

The interior ministry also speaks of strict security measures. “On the basis of the decree of president, all the security forces in charge of police, national directorate of security and the army have been vigilant and are trying to carry out the Ashura ceremony well,” said Nusrat Rahimi, a deputy spokesman for the Interior for the Pasbanan Media Group. Police are more than ever alert and will strive to halt the holy sites of Shi’a to prevent terrorist incidents. ”

ISIS-K takes responsibility for yesterday’s attack. Since the creation of this group, more than a dozen victims have been left behind by the ISIS-K attacks on West Kabul residents. The Kabul Police Command has once again announced that security forces have begun their work to investigate the incident and will soon share its results with the citizens.

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