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Reporter: Moner Mukhtar

The people of Afghanistan have special traditions for Nowruz, which every year after the delivery of the year they are celebrating this day with different cultures as an old tradition, all citizens of this land will sit in different ways in the new year, for example, some prepare 7 fruits. Some others are cooking Samanak and others are celebrating this day by going to places for sightseeing. On the second day of the Nowruz, the citizens of Afghanistan, due to the fact that this country is an agricultural country, celebrates the farmer’s day, but the most famous way of celebrating Nowruz is participating in the ceremony of Red rose in Balkh, in Nangarhar, the people are celebrating the new year with special programs which includes the orange flower ceremony, almond flowers in Daikundi, grape vines in Herat, yellow flowers in Kapisa, pomegranate flowers in Kandahar, Arghavan flowers in Parwan and also Nowruz tours, including the most prominent and most magnificent ritual of celebration Nowruz is in Afghanistan.

Seven fruits are also a mixture of seven types of dried fruits, including almonds, walnuts, pistachios, raisins, apricots, almonds and other traditional Nowruz specialties in Afghanistan, which people made and welcomed to guests a few days before Nowruz. Candy and sweets also have their own place and the fire is kindling, fluttering or jug ​​breaking, spitting smoke, going to the plains and desert, fighting eggs, cooking and spoiling girls, knitting girls by brides, taking children, Bringing water, cooking fish and Jelabi is also a tradition of some tribes in Afghanistan, which is celebrated in some provinces of Afghanistan with distinct traditions.

The General Assembly of the United Nations in March 2010 acknowledged Nowruz and placed it on its global calendar. Meanwhile, it should be noted that Afghanistan, with its presence in the area of ​​Nowruz, has a status as the most recent geographic region of Nowruz.

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