Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Tobacco, also known as NAS, is one of the tobacco and tobacco products that is less talked about its disadvantages. Tobacco is one of the tobacco that is freely bought and sold in Afghanistan. The use of such testimony is so commonplace to ordinary people that drug addicts are never called “addicted”, and most people are not aware of the harmfulness of the use of scholarship. The lack of knowledge of the health hazards of the scientist has been reported by pediatric health practitioners at a private hospital in Kabul, who said that they are causing various illnesses, in particular illnesses associated with mouth and mouth.

Doctors say that the use of tobacco, especially in the moles, can seriously damage human teeth and may even cause cancer.

About one million people in the world suffer from oral cancer every year. The use of Tobacco (a kind of drug) has caused the people of Southeast Asia, especially the Indians and Afghans, to become more involved with this cancer than the rest of the nation, and of course the Iranians are ranked tenth.

In Afghanistan, it collects nearly $ 10 million annually in state treasury in Afghanistan.

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