Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ahmad Shakib Zahir

Kabul police has stated that yesterday they had been able to arrest a male student of Kabul University as a result of their efforts in connection with the beating and insulting of Basera Akhtar, a law student at the Kabul University. According to a Kabul police command statement, the detained suspect is Jahid, son of Aziz-e-Din, a student at the Law and Sharia Faculty. Kabul Police Headquarters spokesman Firdous Faramarz said the suspect was detained from the Kabul- Police district 3area and he is currently under prosecution of police.

Now, some students at private and public universities say that it is necessary for police to take such cases seriously and not to allow mafia who has their assets in to educational centers to reach their goals, they insist in order to establish discipline in educational institutions, especially private universities it is so crucial that this male student should be punished. Hassib, a student of Literature faculty in Kabul University, said: “Today, the campus of Kabul University is such that you do not have the freedom to express opinions and expression, and at any moment you may be harassed or beaten. We hope that the case of such individuals will be seriously investigated, and that such students who are disruptive must turned to a lesson for all and we want that such students should be punished to become known to others. ”

According to reports, Jahid was beat Basera Akhtar in 25th of April 2019 at the Kabul University campus, a law student interned in the university, and then the suspect flew from the site.

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