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In 2002, after the defeat of Taliban’s government, Afghanistan regained its security presence. The international community has tried to make the country’s security and defense forces more distinct faces than the military forces of the past. Since the beginning of the interim government, Afghanistan’s security and defense forces have already been trained in training by international partners in foreign countries, and now it has the most powerful military youths. According to the information system of the country’s security agencies, the Afghan security forces are now independently fighting the terrorist attacks and training military training to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Turkey and some other countries. Are military.

List of countries that currently train Afghan soldiers on their territory:


The United States, as the largest supporter of Afghanistan in 18 years, has been receiving the highest military spending, which currently includes air strikes, army troops, ANP and also national security forces in the short, medium and long term. Four-year, master’s, and even doctoral courses.


After the United States, Britain is considered the second-largest country in the wake of the fall of the Taliban regime since 2002, which is now more engaged in the training of police forces in its geography. Currently, most of the special police forces have graduated from the United Kingdom and are working on key milestones of the Interior Ministry. One can mention the Afghan security forces.

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