Pasbanan- Kabul:

With establishment of Donald Trump’s administration, it was expected from United States to end its longest battle in Afghanistan, targeting the roots of insurgency in the largest safe nest of this phenomenon, Pakistan. Now, these expectations are slowly coming to intended destination. After Mr. Trump took office in United States, Islamabad received bunch of warnings. The first step was to cut off military aids to Pakistan, and Donald Trump wrote at the beginning of 2018 in his twitter, with 33 $ billion funds, Pakistan have done nothing except deception and fraud with Washington. This led Congress to consider how to cut civilian assistance to this country. In the meantime, the role of India expanded more than ever in Afghanistan. But the worst reality in this regional game is that there may be new queues against Afghanistan. In latest case, Washington views Islamabad as a threat to its national interests. 17 US intelligence agencies have announced that by 2019, terrorists can mark US bases in region with acquisition of long-range and strategic weapons of Pakistan.

With all the efforts, Islamabad has now sought after to reach regional counterparts such as Russia and Iran. Perhaps the Pakistanis will not hide any regional unity for their survival and will accept assistance of traditional rivals of USA in region. Meanwhile, more than ever Afghanistan will become ground for proxy wars of regional powers and traditional rivals of the world, because Islamabad will not calm down soon. While Americans have warned of an increase in battles of Afghanistan, the most fundamental concern is that may be it will make the situation worse for Afghans than 2017 and the war flames will be flooded in more than 20 provinces. There are several other options to be taken in hand in current situation by USA, while Washington has fallen Islamabad to knee’s with announcement of  Trump strategy for South Asia and Afghanistan; To protect this country from possible threats and increase of war in battlefields. First, they must define interests of Russia and China in Afghanistan, and points out that any support to Islamabad will spread extremism, Second, as US special forces killed Osama bin Laden in 2010 in an operation carried out in Abetabad of Pakistan, it is necessary to eliminate Taliban and Haqqani network leaders, which are considered to be Pakistan’s largest foreign policy instruments. In third phase, it is urged that as soon as possible, Islamabad must be added in blacklist of terror sponsored countries and they should increase political and economic sanctions against it.

But other face of the coin belongs to National Unity Government, to play an active role in current games, while so far the existing victories have been drawn from president Ghani’s active foreign policy and his working group, meanwhile they must get ready for threats that are supposed to happen. They must have a decisive decision to eliminate Taliban and ISIS fighters in battlefields, and then they must handed over all the documents belongs to presence of regional terrorists especially Central Asian fighters with regional countries for responding to terrorists until regional fighters becomes weaker and their human and financial resources to Taliban and themselves will be cut off. Last but not least, NUG needs to work urgently to stop the main roots of supplying and terrorist financing considered to be narcotics and weapons trafficking and a new strategy measures should be taken to eliminate these two phenomena.

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