Pasbanan- Kabul:

Maybe the abnormal situation in Afghanistan has caused that every Afghan citizen should believe that this is not their land, and they are seeking for a new home for their self in foreign countries. But the painful point is that while, your top politicians are looking for asylum seeking, in state of supporting this country; in fact, it matters to all. According to some sources who were speaking on condition of anonymity told Pasbanan: Amrullah Saleh Afghanistan Ex-Chief of Intelligence was looking to become asylum seeker in Australia, but the Australian government has rejected his case.

The source also adds: not only the Australian government has rejected his asylum-seeking case, meanwhile he was not permitted to participate in conversations of some Australian Think tanks with Afghans and Australian citizens. According to reports, most Afghan politicians have already sent their children abroad and some of them are currently trying to get citizenship of other secure countries. With all the efforts we were unable to get the statement of Amrullah Saleh Afghanistan ex-Intelligence chief.


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