Pasbanan-      one month after resigning of Ata Mohammad Noor with Presidential palace now White House has urged two parties to agree on a peaceful solution of the disputes according to White House newsletter: “Washington is closely following the current dispute over the governorship of Afghanistan’s Balkh Province.” White House urged two sides to finalize all disputes peacefully. The newsletter adds: “The United States calls on the parties involved to quickly and peacefully resolve this dispute over the transfer of authority to a new governor.  The continued impasse benefits only terrorists and Afghanistan’s adversaries.”

According to Afghan media reports president ghani appointed successor of Ata Mohammad noor some weeks ago, but still he has not join the office. White House has wrote in the newsletter: “We believe that this dispute should be resolved in a way that gives Afghan citizens confidence that the appointment of a new governor strengthens security and the Government of National Unity’s ability to fulfill its obligations to them.” After so many warning from Jamyat Islami Party now US government wants from all parties to avoid violence. White house officials said: “there is no space for violence in resolving this matter  or for any party to delay a resolution by putting their own interests before those of Afghanistan.”

Donald Trump administration has also said that this is an issue for Afghans to decide within the framework of their constitution, and in accordance with the rule of law and the principle of equality before the law.

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