Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

As peace Talks between Taliban and US is ongoing officials in the white house has stated that US president Donald Trump will not accept a bad deal on Afghanistan. A senior white house official has reportedly announced that the US has “contingency” which might include “military options” as well if the peace deal would be failed to achieve the desired result.

“We are certainly prioritizing peace efforts in Afghanistan. But as with all negotiations that involve vital US national security interests, we have contingency plans. The president has indicated he hopes for the best in these peace talks, but he will also not accept a bad deal,” a white house trusted official revel this issue during an interview with Indian media.

The source has also added that the US hopes to gain useful achievements from ongoing peace talks between them and the Taliban. The US official key source has added: “But it’s not the only route that we are looking at in terms of protecting vital US national security interests in Afghanistan.”

US negotiating team has held several rounds of talks with the Taliban in past recent months and according to reports, both sides have agreed on the Taliban’s counter-terrorism assurances and foreign troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. It is expecting that in coming weeks the next round of talks between Taliban and US officials would be held in Qatar.



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