Pasbanan- Shershah Nawabi

Death of dears and their distant from family and relatives may, would be the most painful sadness for Citizens. But here in Afghanistan this case has become a routine debate. Even if they are evident of blast or suicide attack in a corner of the city, in other side, people are restless, but still thinking how to find a bite of bread. For media, new headlines would be shaped and analysts ‘critics’ market would become hotter. As it seems that a hero is back from battle ground and her or she is speaking about failure of the enemies, but every alleyways of cities is mumbled, a family drop tears on behalf of losing their sweethearts and cries blood. Instead of a remedy for ending crisis, leaders of the government, condemns it and once again they speak about defeat of the enemy on battlefields.

But who is responsible for the killing of civilians of this land? Armed opposition or government? It is perhaps surprising how the government is killing them which is formed by their vote. Some may also blame foreigners such as America and the countries of the region in this sad scenario. Possibly, they are also involved in this; but the fact is that terrorist groups on one hand and government on the other hand, they use citizens of Afghanistan as a game tool, in “Buzkashi” play and getting credits for their self. As Hafiz says: “I’m not screaming strangers- what did to me, the known ones did” Afghan government may have many reasons to hide its weaknesses, from imposition of the battle to intervention of great powers in this erosion campaign; But what is the guilt of the people who die every day in this spectacle? What was the outcome of people’s votes which these leaders took power in their hand?

Afghans never blames ISIS, Taliban and foreign fighters; because they are strangers. But why does the government always expect an assault to hit more than two hundred people? Then they post newsletters and send video clips to the media with their condemning such acts, unless there is no final result of how attack happens.  So far, citizens of this land have believes that terrorists and the government are actually two sides of coin; because one kills and the other condemns the attack, to gain the hearts of people. Many questions are raised after each event, but what would be the response of leaders and security officials to that mother who died behind hospital gate after hearing about death of her youngest child? For government of Afghanistan, maybe time for giving tests is over, because for nearly four years, terrorists launched bloodiest attacks occurred in the cities of this land even in one day, more than 600 families were mourned.

Now it’s time for system to give up and make a difference. Otherwise, the distances become more and more and maybe citizens will bring changes by their hand. If leaders are daring, instead of creating tensions over chair and power they must for the people of this land. Afghans are tired of sitting in front of television or even seeing their Facebook pages, because they will find nothing except news of war and sorrow receiving from media. On the other hand, the government’s lack of control has led citizens to become ill with mental illness and they inevitably prepare their selves every day for being the next victim without any real understanding, what is their sin? The only way for going out of this crisis is to punish those who are currently in National Directorate of Security detention centers, If there is any goodness in these statesmen, they will bring a change without playing intelligence games, they must clear the destiny of terrorist groups. Citizens believes that Taliban will never set on negotiation table and nor Afghan government have the power to cripple them. Instead of condemning such acts leaders must order Afghan national security forces that are thirsty for revenge of citizen’s bloods from terrorists, to destroy them. Washington must be forced to target all terror save havens in Pakistan instead of choosing this country as an ally in war against terror.

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