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Afghanistan, in its last 18 years, has made its greatest achievement a freedom of expression. A country that still has its children with all its desperation and disorder, and the citizens of this land are hoping for a better future. Meanwhile, the media have acted as the eyes and ears of the citizens of this land, nearly 70 percent of Afghans in Afghanistan are fully confident in communicating with the media and informing them about the events. Alongside that media, there are three basic tasks in each community that are considered to include entertainment, awareness and education. But in Afghanistan, contrary to these principles, the media, with the over-confidence of citizens, a source of believer in public opinion and even a factor in changing the culture of the country is considered.

In the past few years, the Afghan media have always been one of the strategic objectives for the armed opposition, especially the Taliban, whose deliberate negligence of media owners and senior media managers has led media outlets to be sacrificed by terrorists. According to reports, after 2014, the Taliban selected the media as a soft target. In January 2016, a car carrying Tolo TV staff was targeted by a Taliban suicide attack and at least seven media personnel died and the other employees lost one of their body parts. Since then, media and media activists have been threatened or targeted by the Taliban. As reported by the Taliban on the TV channel, “Tolo” and “1 one” TVs are one of the strategic and soft targets of this group.

Now, some sources say that the TV is (1 one) of the soft targets of the Taliban, which has been re-threatened by the Taliban and Isis because of its programs and serials released by the owners of the media from hidden employees. They continue to add that the current plans on this TV have been a source of their concern over rising threats from the Taliban, adding: “currently on 1 TV now go too far, with employees who are not of the Millennium, a double clash. Salaries are not paid to employees, which has at least three or four months of delay in paying salaries, in addition, all the articles in the contract are for the benefit of the TV, which is all about the loss of employees. While the Ministry of Labor has set up a workforce for all private agencies, including TVs, to set up employment, contract and payrolls, But not only these commitments are not carried out by the “one” television company, but by publishing biased programs such as “Cactus” and Turkish serials that are contrary to the traditions of the Afghan community, it is more than ever believed that television is one To be attacked so that employers of this TV will receive a permanent repatriation abroad and receive money from certain embassies.

The source continues to emphasize that with the release of the Cactus program on this TV, the Taliban may have plans to target the television staff, as the former Cactus leader of the group, Mullah Omar, was subjected to insult to the deputy spokesman for the president and to the audience. The hall was placed. “It also adds that” along with it, the authorities buy the TV series with an immaterial content and make it compulsory for the staff of the Dubbing Division, when they are told that the series is contrary to the standards and tradition of the ruling community The managers of the media warn that anyone who does not want to be involved in the work will be fired.

In this situation, we do not know what to do, we have to risk all the problems, especially the increase of the Taliban’s threats, in order to gain a bounty on the Taliban, and we will continue to work in this institution, and the government has no attention and control over it. It does not have these institutions, and the Ministry of Information and Culture is still unworthy of this matter. ” Whereas Article 5 of the first chapter of the general provisions of the law on mass media states that the mass media, in a way that could effectively be a means of disseminating political dissent in the country, reflects public opinion honestly and beneficial to the community; and also in Article 31 of Chapter The eighth banned publication of the Mass Media Act states that; Subjects that are contrary to the principles of Islam and insult to other religions and religions are prohibited, and the material that harms loyalty and libel to individuals is also prohibited by this law.

We wanted to comment on the Ministry of Intelligence and Culture, but with frequent contacts, the ministry officials did not respond. However, Sadiqullah Tawhidi, the chairman of the Security Committee of Journalists, said: “There is no reference to the evaluation of the serials and programs that enter the country, so that the content of these programs and serials can be evaluated first, and then the permission to register and publish them to televisions, because there is an open and uncensored space for media activities, media owners should not abuse the space that is opposed to Islamic and moral values. And no media has the right to take on its employees by force and pressure.

Whenever this is done, the offending media will be prosecuted by the Media Commission as well as the Mixed Committee of the Ministry of Information on Culture, Article 32, Chapter 9, of the Criminal Records Act of the Media will be public; The case is held to be in violation of the provisions of the media law. Some civil activists consider this situation as alarming; Azizullah Rafie, head of the Afghan Civil Society Complex, says: “No media has the right to publish non-Islamic programs, but from a social point of view, there are no standards for Afghanistan’s media issues have so far not been set out in the ethical framework or a well-documented ethical protocol, while the ethics that the media have to comply with, unfortunately, there is no agreement on these codes and ethics. ” Also, the Afghan Labor Law covers the employment, contracting, and payment of salaries of the following employees: Article 4 of the Afghan labor law states: “The worker or employee is someone who is recruited on the basis of a specified contract in the administration.” Article 6 of the Labor Law explicitly states that “contractual employees include employees, service workers and service agents who are recruited for a specified period of time for the performance of a specified contract.”

Paragraph 4 of Article 50 of the labor law states that; there is no discrimination in the payment of wages. The labor law in the second paragraph of Article seventy-three also explicitly states that the wage is paid during the month, the delay in paying it without the worker’s consent can not be made. In the above articles, the contracts and salaries of employees are listed, according to the labor law, contracts are one-year-old, and after one year the contracts must be renewed and, depending on the size of the employees, the salaries of employees must be changed, But the “one” TV office has been in the process of more than three years not only refinishing these contracts, but also making no changes or increases in the salaries of non-indigenous workers; rather, the salaries of employees, according to the efforts of human resources officials and top officials of the Office of Discount Findings and employees have been fired without supplementary pay for various excuses.

Concerns are being raised in a recent report by reporters’ organizations that the death toll of journalists in 2018 is higher than in 2017, and more than 16 journalists and media workers have lost their lives this year. Despite their low wages and dual treatment of their duties, they did the right thing. Meanwhile, two TV reporters also include those dead who lost their lives in a suicide attack on six perceptions in the city of Kabul, which the Taliban group is responsible for the murder of journalists. It is now apparent that the ministries of labor and social affairs, information and culture, and the advocacy agencies of journalists and media staff are investigating these issues.

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