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Report: Moner Mokhtar

Two mosques in New Zealand, was under attack by a gunman that killed at least 50 worshipers and 40 others were wounded during the incident took place, but with all ugliest face of this terror act, an Afghan citizen has become the hero of New Zealand as this bloody attack took place on Friday. Abdul Aziz, an Afghan man attending the mosque, was able to stop the gunman with a heroic move and threw a credit card pouch on the car of the attacker, with this act he was the only man preventing further casualties in New Zealand’s E- Noor and Linwood Mosques.

According to police and eyewitnesses, a 48-year-old Afghan man, Abdul Aziz, was one of the main guys who prevent the deadliest acts in New Zealand’s history, he was able to prevent a second attack on Linwood mosque and, help police in arresting Brenton Trent the main attacker of this incident. Abdul Aziz told foreign media: “After a man enter in a mosque in Linwood screaming that a gunman was firing at the worshipers in the mosque, I attacked the suspect with a bank card machine that was in my hands and I was able to broke the glass of car, in my other hand I hold the weapon of, I pursued the attacker until the police intervened and arrested him. »

The New Zealand government now announces the Afghan man to be the hero of the country, which prevents further casualties. Brenton Trent, an Australian 28-year-old striker who appears to be the deadliest attack main cause, was arrested by the police and it is scheduled to return to court on Saturday next week. Brenton before launching this massive attack, send a video on social media and described why he is doing this brutal act, he launched a deadly attack and shoot all the scene on his camera which was located in his head. This Australian suspect was able to kill at least 50 worshipers at Al Noor and Linwood mosques, he described the aim of this attack the revenge of strange bleeding in European countries.

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