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Perhaps few will believe that with presence of United States of America, a step above that of Iran, Afghanistan has been ranked among the most despicable countries in the world. The indicators used to measure tyranny in countries can be summarized here: The election process and pluralism, civil liberties, government efficiency, political participation and political culture are the ones on which the report is based. According to Economist in this report Norway, Iceland and Sweden places are ranked as most democratic countries in the world. And North Korea is at the end of the list; But Afghanistan is also in line with Iran, Syria and North Korea.
If you look at the above indicators, citizens will undoubtedly understand how far away they are from democratic values. Election and pluralism, one of the most important steps to achieve democracy, unfortunately, the game has been taken and members of the National Assembly have remained in their seats for at least nine years. People’s representatives actually have the best time to make money and profit. The upcoming election is not clear, and the presidential election is fraught with fraud, but it still disturbs the mind of every free citizen.
Political participation and political culture, which is considered a more important indicator of democracy, has repeatedly been faced with irrelevant reactions by government officials. As far as citizens wanted to hold a peaceful protest in order to secure their civil rights but the capital’s security officials have explicitly refused to secure this protest, and on the contrary, warnings were sent to protest leaders. And, finally, civil liberties are still something that the government does only to respect it in speech. In the latest case of Ahmad Saeedi 4-hour arrest, government officials have no belief in civil liberties.
Given the above, it is now time for the government to change its approach, otherwise, there will be more defamation to the national unity government, and people will be more distant from this government than ever before.

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