Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Nine Round of Talks and Discussions in Qatar and the Khalilzad Trips to Neighbors and NATO, why did it fail, and was stopped by US President Donald Trump? What prompted Trump to cancel meeting with Ashraf Ghani President and Taliban leaders? What is the reaction of the National Unity Government to the cancellation of peace talks by President Trump? These are questions that remain in the minds of all the citizens of the country and must be answered.

US Special Envoy for Peace Zalmay Khalilzad held nine rounds of peace talks with the Taliban, representatives of neighboring countries, and heads of government in Doha, Qatar. In the final and final round of these talks, the Taliban discussed with the US negotiators some crucial issues and wrote a draft peace agreement on paper.

To end the war in Afghanistan and accept the peace process, the Taliban have put forward conditions for the United States, the most important of which are:

1- US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in the next 18 months

2- Closing all US military bases in Afghanistan

  1. Creating a Provisional Government in Afghanistan

4- Amend the Constitution of Afghanistan

  1. And the creation of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan

These are the most important ones that were finalized in the US-Taliban peace deal and awaiting Donald Trump’s signature. But US President Donald Trump tweeted yesterday: “I am not signing the agreement because of the killing of an American soldier in a Taliban attack on Camp Green Village.” He also added that the Taliban apparently carried out the attack to bolster their position in the peace talks, but “did so in a worse way.” They don’t have.

Earlier, when Zalmai Khalilzad showed the draft of a peace agreement to Afghan leaders, the NWA was concerned about the possible consequences of the agreement and called for clarity.

Recently, several US diplomats who have had backgrounds in Afghanistan have also warned of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. They said that if US troops left Afghanistan in a hurry, it would face a civil war.

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