Afghanistan- Kabul (PMG):

By: Morteza Haidary

In the recent days, Kabul city and some of the provinces of Afghanistan are witnessing attacks by terrorists and targeted killings. Although these events are not foreseeable incidents in the country, but in the aftermath of targeted killings, most of the military and government employees are the main target of the criminals. In the following weeks, the Kabul city was witness of two incidents, first killing of Zalmai Wardag , a former interior minister officer and candidate for the House of Representatives, as well as two pilots of the Afghan Air Force. In Herat, a police force member was also shot down by the criminals. In Parwan, a civilian young man was also killed by a knife. These people were either killed in their homes or when they were moving to duty.

So far, the motives for such incidents are unclear, and no group has taken responsibility for these events. But in the most recent case, the Afghan Ministry of Interior announced that targeted killings have increased by 20%. Ministry of Interior Deputy spokesman Nursat Rahimi has said that in order to prevent such incidents, intelligence and encounter agencies have been ordered to take fresh measures Hold on.

most of the motives for such events are personal hostility and organized crime. Hashmatullah Stanekzai, a spokesman for the Kabul Police Command, said the two subsequent incidents in the capital after investigations showed that they had personal and terrorist aspects. “According to the Kabul Police Command, the killings of Zalmai Wardag were based on personal differences and the police arrested the suspect of this incident. In the case of the murder of two pilots, the incident has had more of a terrorist role and police forces are trying to arrest the perpetrators. ”

Meanwhile, some psychology professors believe that such events will be launched in order to increase panic and disturb the mental security of the country’s citizens. Waleed Youssefi, a doctor of psychology in Australia, tells the Pasbanan Media Group, “Such incidents, while having different motivations, generally disrupt the psychological security of the citizens and show that the intelligence and intellect agencies in the country are severely incapable.”

Military analysts believes that such incidents will be launched in order to increase panic by terrorist groups. It is believed that in most cases groups such as the Taliban and the Haqqani Network are behind such incidents.

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