Reporter: Shaker Sangi

The Election Complaints Commission said the Kabul parliamentary election fraud. Mohammad Ali Satigh, chairman of the Electoral Complaints Commission secretary-general, said this statement on Sunday at the headquarters of the commission between members of the commission and representatives of electoral observers and parties and political movements. The newsletter also states that surveys show that the widespread abandonment of the votes of the citizens of Kabul has resulted in three results tables being produced for each fund in this constituency.

However, it is not clear about who and which individuals or institutions have defeated the votes of the citizens of Kabul in the parliamentary elections. The announcement was made by Abdul Aziz Ariae, chairman of the Electoral Complaints Commission, who said that due to the existing difficulties, the process of receiving complaints about the Kabul election was timed.

Mr. Aria adds that, after two weeks, the Electoral Complaints Commission (KIC) needs to announce its decision on Kabul’s complaints.

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