Kabul Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

Members of the presidential election candidate’s council, today hold a widespread protest at Ghazi Stadiums in Kabul, the presidential election’s council members issued a resolution calling for the removal of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani from power. A number of presidential candidates who are members of this council gathered among the protesters and launched a massive protest calling on Mr. Ghani to resign. The protest was held while some members of the council traveled to Pakistan a few days ago to attend a meeting called “The Lahore Peace Process.”

Hundreds of followers of these candidates, as well as their influential and powerful supporters, attended this widespread antigovernment protest. In this resolution which was released by the members of the Presidential Candidate Council they have called Mohammad Ashraf Ghani as the “former” president because, according to protesters, Mr. Ghani’s term at office as elected president in Afghanistan has ended and he was terminated from the presidency of the country one month before, and according to the provisions of Article 61 of Afghanistan constitution he is no more president of the country. The candidates have also warned that if Mohammad Ashraf Ghani intends to continue as acting “head of state” then he must resign from his nomination in the upcoming presidential election.

The nominees, once again emphasized on the creation of an “acting or caretaker government”, and the urged for limitation of incumbent powers of the president, the protesters emphasize that the government should develop a clear mechanism to the election process and let the candidates to monitor this process and also other institutions related to the election must also observe the presidential elections, who are working in the field of elections. These candidates are also calling for the cancellation of all decisions and actions which are taken by Mr. Ghani after presidents work was ended they also called on the president to end the appointments of top officials of the government and the award of contracts. The resolution of the council still states that providing reform to the electoral bodies is fundamental and that president Ghani should not have any involvement in the upcoming presidential elections.

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