Pasbanan- Kabul:

From a few days, every city in Afghanistan is onlooker to a strange chaos. A group is protesting for continuation of identity cards distribution, others are standing to ban or delay in this process, and the third group is looking for “Infecting water and catch fishes” to be in power. But maybe there are few who think that between 201 countries of the world, Afghanistan exist and we are its citizens that we should live for our own fate and destiny. They even do not accept that prejudice is imposed on them and they are looking to provide bigger profit for corrupt and mendacious politicians.

Starting identity cards distribution process has become a tool for Ata Mohammad Noor Gulbudin Hekmatyar and even their backers to separate every citizen and create more distance between them. Mr. Noor waned that implementing of electrical ID card distribution process in the country will catalysis Afghanistan. Hekmatyar says, anyone who do not accept Afghanistan they are selfish people working for their own survival and for stangers. Among both parties afghan citizens are astonished to decide who is right or wrong and obey who to avoid from live loses and bloodshed in the country. But the fact is that Afghan citizens must be and remain united, every groups must understand it that no one or even ethnicity in this country is higher or lower than each other. We must remember those days that Afghanistan faced a civil war because of these politicians and Kabul was distributed among 7 groups, we must remember repetition of those days and we should be scared from fall out of such events once again in the country.

According to Islamic teachings, no Pashtun, Tajik, Uzbek or even Hazara is close to almighty Allah but those who are piety in their individually and group attitudes. We give up always, that Afghanistan citizens are 99.99 percent Muslims, but why still we are fighting for others survival who are willing to concrete their chairs and profits. On the other hand, Taliban and ISIS fighters are preparing their self for a bloody war season in upcoming year. India, Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia and USA is working to increase their proxy war in the country to beat their rivals in region and beyond. But still Afghan citizens are not ashamed of their bloody past days and they are standing for those corrupt and useless politicians that earning money for their pocket is their big goal and working for other countries are their main objective to survive their profits.


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