Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

On the one hand, the efforts to end the fighting and on the other hand the Taliban’s military operations have raised doubts and ambiguities in the process of the US-led peace talks with the Taliban. “Operation Al-Fath,” apparently undermining the effectiveness of peace talks, and once again indicating Taliban militancy. In the latest case, Sediq Sediqi, a former interior ministry spokesman, says: “In 2013, the Afghan government and the United States agreed with Qatar’s offer to open a political office in Doha. The main purpose of this address was to initiate direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban to end the war and bring peace. Hundreds of leaders of this group and their family members were taken from Pakistan to Qatar.”

The Taliban seems to be trying to exacerbate the situation more extensively and exacerbate violence, instead of seeking a solution to end the battle. Sediqi has the following vision: “Six years after the opening of the office, the Taliban did not just prepare for direct talks, but used the Office to gain more support, financial resources and guidance and warfare in Afghanistan, using it strategically. I believe that this office should be blocked because it was not used for the purpose it was created, and a large portion of the resources and facilities that the Taliban have in this office to use if for continuation of war must be frozen.”

The former spokesman for the Interior Ministry continues to believe that if the Taliban are willing to enter into direct negotiations with the Afghan government, Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan can replace the Doha and give this opportunity to the group with meaningful conditions. These statements are being made while the Taliban said two days ago that 14 members of the group, including the negotiating delegation and the UN blacklist, were withdrawn from this list, a matter that made ambiguity and hesitancy has made the peace process more.

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