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It is not unreasonable to say always: “Advertising is investment, not consumption”. But the basic question is how to set up high-cost ads with low content to drive terrorists? With the rise of battle across the country, government has launched a massive campaign of engagement with allayed countries. Although these advertising costs a lot, content and effectiveness make it clear that the announcement is prepared by unprofessional and 12th grade graduates. Now the citizens of country have different views on this. Ahmadullah, a resident of capital, says: “From TV to listening radio in car, these days we hear more security announcements, but no trace. Because neither the war has ended nor the armed opposition has stopped fighting. ”

Abdul Rahim, one of the workers in Jaday-e-Maiwand, says: “We hear more radio in our work, security bulletins are getting bigger these days. The examples are: Our heroes destroyed all terrorists; ISIL is stuck in land and dozens of others, but my question from all security officials and whole of the current government is that if you are truthful: So why are deadly attacks in Kabul happened and why 200 people are being victimized?” Shamsullah Nazhand, a specialist in advertising said: “Regarding global aid in the country, government allies want to use this money in any way. So that they do not lose sight of taxpayers in their countries. But the reality here is that we have not been able to draw people’s attention by providing clear messages. In addition, the government failed to produce such powerful advertises, because they did not have specialized people. I believe that announcements we receive every day through the media are the most obnoxious messages we have heard so far. ”

The government and its allies have nothing to say about this, but given these issues, Can only announcement fill the scene of fight against terrorism? Or that the implementation of some of commitments will lead to the kick off the failures of current system and the people will rely on national unity government. In fact, citizens’ perception from the publication of these announcements is unnecessary to spend money and they propose to national unity government: To go out of the present and anti-propaganda against the existing psychological battlefield, we need to put a group of psychosocial experts at the top of our intelligence community and carry out the process of spending the money from their address.

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