Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

These days, the roads of Kabul and the big cities of the country have been witness to street harassment and even sexual harassment. The young boys in every corner of the city are in the safest places, and law enforcement agencies have come to avoid such short cases. women harassment in Avenue has been considered by women as one of the major barriers to women’s identity and personality. Young girls are pushing this phenomenon to increase jobless, illiteracy, and the lack of awareness among young people of one another’s rights. The young girl who has been the source of persecution for men ever since. she says to the Pasbanan: “Only the elderly are not boys and girls who harass us. Even the wise men of the year are staring at girls and ladies with contemptuous sentiments, taking a look at clothes and dressing up the guards under armor. They look at us as the second gender, and they suffer from any kind of harassment they suffer from. ”

University teachers summarize female harassment on a few points. (Shahla Farid), teacher at Kabul University, says: “The low level of community awareness, not being familiar with the urbanization culture, and the gender differences between the girl and the boy, are factors that start with the family. Families have reserved all the rights for boys, but for women they excuse themselves and isolate them in some way. ”

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs has a different view in this regard, the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (Dadraas) has cited 40 women harassment cases, 8 of which have been filed with criminal and judicial bodies. The Mrs. Dadrass says: “We work with all the organs involved on the street plan, so that this challenge can be reduced, but more time is needed. We call on all the relevant institutions under the Ministry of Information and Culture, the Interior and Justice to deliberately decide on this and always try to move forward in harmony with us. ”

Women in recent years encounter such events in large cities in the big cities, but the Ministry of Women’s Affairs says that in the years to come, there has been a lot of change in reducing female harassment.

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