Pasbanan- Kabul:

a few freelancing journalists and media activists gathered in 3nd may world press freedom day in front of Safi Landmark and criticized media supporting associations activates. Protesters say their goal is to advocate for martyred news reporters who lost their lives on bloody Monday 30 of June in Kabul terrorist attack. Hamid Salangi one of these protesters says: “our goal that we gathered here in front of Safi Landmark hotel, a place that they (Media supporting associations) have paid at least 80000 Afghanis for the hall and invited several news reporters from 34 provinces of Afghanistan is to criticize their activates. Because they haven’t done any fundamental work for journalists. It was the time that all of those associations should put aside their programs and in the state of that, they were responsible to support martyred families. At least they have spent 20000 dollars and they prove that they are looking for receiving funds from international organizations.”

Meanwhile, Obaidullah Qarloq chief editor of Neda-e-Agah news agency that one of their reporters got wounded during Monday’s incident told Pasbanan: “all media supporting organizations gathered for the excuse of mourning world press freedom day but once again they structured new plans for getting new projects from international organizations.”

Paiman Nezami is another reporter who participated in this protest, he says: “Afghan journalist have no safety, they don’t have insurance and this is one of the reasons that they become victims. Our protest is not for a chair or anything more we want justice for our comrades that they lost their lives in the recent terrorist attacks in PD 9.”

This protest was in place in while that in Monday’s attack at least 9 reporters from national and international media outlets got killed.

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