Pasbanan- Kabul:

İn the second day of Eid Afghan government extend cease-fire with taliban for unspecified duration. Now Zabiullah Mujahid Taliban spokesman has told foreign media in a whats app massage: cease-fire with Afghan government will end to night, and their military operations will began very soon. He told foreign press that their military operation will be launched agains Afghan milirary. We are not looking to extend this cease-fire and tonight our military operations will be started again.

Taliban went to several cities centers and celebrated eid days with Afghan security force and citizens. But most of Kabul citizens beleive that taliban fighters are looking for a new plan. İt is a while that unconfirmed reports shows up to now at least 2000 taliban fighters has came to Kabul and a few of them has went back to their bases. Up to now their was no confirmation from security officials, at the same time Afghan president has urged Taliban leadership that they must extend cease-fire.


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