Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):
Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

While Zalmai Khalilzad, the US Special Envoy Afghanistan peace, arrived in Qatar today to join the sixth round of talks between Taliban and US, he wrote on his Twitter: “America has not imposed war on Afghan citizens, But the citizens of Afghanistan have continued to blame and bloodshed in this land for 40 years. Now the United States is working to bring about a rational and peaceful solution to end this battle and stop the bloodshed in Afghanistan. ”
Mr Khalilzad believes that the only goodwill option is to declare a ceasefire to end the fighting in the country. “In my opinion, the only way to end the crisis and the bloodshed in Afghanistan is to put an end to current war and declare a ceasefire,” he continued, “so I and our colleagues will work with the Taliban in the next meeting to put pressure on the group to Prevent from further clashes. We believe that the only option will be to replace the cease-fire in Afghanistan and to end the battle.”
The talks came at a time when the sides agreed on the issue of withdrawing the US and foreign troops from Afghanistan at the Fifth Taliban and US Summit in Qatar, and the dismantling of the territorial integrity of the country at the expense of the third country. But contrary to the Taliban’s commitments, they began their spring operations under the name of Al-Fath, and in the past few days have carried out their unprecedented movements across the country.

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