For the Ghosts in the city, Afghanistan new generation a subject for collapse or a new crisis

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Twenty years later, forgotten Afghanistan has been marginalized, and a new generation has emerged. During this time, the encroachments of neighbors and strangers did not stop, and the bloodshed made us mourn every day. But contrary to the beliefs of internal and external enemies, the new generation of Afghanistan is still alive and fighting for the betterment of this land. This new generation is standing at the cost of their lives; But is this an effort for a prosperous future, or is a vague fate awaiting Afghanistan’s new generation?

Fortunately, in the past two decades and during the period of the post-Taliban regime, Afghanistan people mindsets changed, the families sent the new generation of this country to seek knowledge, and their first attempt was to send these kids to school for inclusive education and the learning of this generation is a clear and tangible point for a bright future; After graduating from the school, they eagerly try to get to university.

new generation
new generation

How difficult it is for each of these young people to pass the entrance exam to get into their favorite field, hence the lack of love of the educational institution and at a higher level of government; challenge the faith of this group. From the entrance exam quotas to not being successful with high scores, etc., all of this goes hand in hand and discourages young people about their future; However, young people are trying to learn their lessons in private educational institutions, hoping for the future and the goal they have set for themselves in the next few years.

On the one hand, this is where they get stuck, the high cost of tuition per semester, which must be paid without exception; On the other hand, they (the university student) have to face dozens of challenges and stand in this field competition. Imagine a student who even finds it very difficult to get money to go to a private university at the end of the semester and during the exam faces the ruthlessness of the relevant university. If you did not provide the Situations, then the educational institution’s officials would warn that he/she will not be allowed to take the exam if the tuition fee is not delivered. How difficult and exhausting that moment will be.

However, this student does not bend; He/she goes to his/her family to make money, borrows money from his friends, and finally solves this challenge with a troubled condition. There are others whose pride never allows them to reach out to others. This generation, to become someone in the future and to be able to serve their families, people, and their land, even earns money for their university fees and is committed to learning; Because the hadith of the Prophet of Islam dictates that men and women in society should learn science.

With this painful and bitter narrative, young people in 2021 in Afghanistan will study, dampness and never be afraid of the unknown future they have; But in the end, after graduating, their ideals are buried in the ground, and a few hats and two citizens confuse their destiny; Either they become suitable prey for addiction, or they take their journey and danger to foreign lands, or they become the food of sea monsters.

This system, which faces collapse and overthrows in all its dimensions, has become more and more involved these days to stifle the long-standing aspirations of this generation of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, in all government offices, the most outspoken people belong to one side; But due to ethnic and regional affiliations, they have exacerbated the unemployment crisis, scarcity, and poverty in this land.

As a suggestion and conclusion of this discussion, I want to say more clearly; If the current regime, led by Ashraf Ghani, who considers himself the total and comprehensive intellect of perfection, wants to overcome this awkward fate that awaits him, he must first get rid of ethnicism and hypocrisy. Then believe in the new generation of this land, not the four-member and elected leaders who are tainted with corruption and plunder this land every day, and finally, if this situation continues, the system will immediately collapse and a worse alternative than Behind the doors of Kabul, eyes are on the way and will take its place.