Foreigner worshipers who seek independence!




Written by Malik Setaiz


You negotiate and trade with Moscow, Doha, Islamabad, Tehran, Beijing, Washington, Central, and West Asia capitals and reap the benefits of international relations. But in understanding the laws of war, you suddenly become illiterate. So you shoot prisoners of war, you kill civilians, you insult, torture, and destroy artists, you destroy public offices, you stone women, and you flog young people.


Strangely, you are so literate in gaining international privileges, and you sit in the front row, but you are ignorant and crazy in obeying international law. You are a top student in the lessons you learn from Pakistan’s intelligence leaders, but you are completely illiterate and utterly unsuccessful. Now you speak English, Urdu, and Arabic fluently, but you do not know the official and legal language of peace, tranquility, and justice.


The fact is that you are more dependent on foreigners than any other institution. Your money, the houses of your leaders, your hospitals and pharmacies, your passports and IDs, your ideology and thought, your identity, your ethics, and your culture are all funded by outsiders. You hide everything under your long beard and loose clothes. In which banks have your protection funds been issued? From which banks and accounts do your political leaders deposit money monthly? You know best that the mainstay of the Middle East currency is the US dollar.


The same US dollars are credited to your leader’s account. Do you know which world government is your leading supporter? If you do not know, ask the Qatari political leaders in Doha. Or ask your representatives in Riyadh, Dubai, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Eighty percent of the current capital in Qatar comes from US banks. All the CEOs of the business centers of the Gulf countries are either American or European or have studied there. Of the world’s top ten banks in the Middle East, seven are American. Where does the money that provides you with salaries, food, weapons, and facilities come from?


The banking system and the capitalist era in the Middle East is a method of secular political economy that feeds you. Aren’t these the international banks of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad bringing US dollars from the Middle East to your remote systems? Now you say who is more dependent on aliens? Only these poor soldiers of yours fight inside and die here. Only the widows, the sick mothers, fathers, and innocent children of your poor soldiers remain in the horrors of war and hunger. The rest of you are dependent on foreigners.


This is a big lie that you are fighting for independence. When you cannot be independent when the source of your thought and power of war is a foreigner. You are just foreign soldiers in the trenches of the Afghan war.