From poverty to prostitution of a girl

Written: by Quratullah Lashkari

Poverty is a pain that affects more than 60 percent of our country. The people of Afghanistan have been experiencing war for more than forty years, and this has led some women in our society to turn to prostitution, a job that earns a lot of money but Playing with their lives and lives leads!

I had never seen a prostitute up close, in the words of prostitutes themselves, who said, “We don’t do prostitution out of curiosity, but we have to!”

I thought to myself day and night, what is the reason of forcing them to do this?

Once upon a time in a Thursday I finished all my office works. I called the driver and told him that I want going home. Get ready. Suddenly, Shayan, a friend of mine from school, called me and said, “Tonight, we have prepared a party. Come to our house for my birthday.” I was, but he insisted that we must wait, and I left the office and went to the market to buy a gift for Shayan’s birthday! After half an hour, I went to their house. On the way, I wondered why a young man became a prostitute.

When I arrived at the party, everyone was happy that it was all their birthday. Suddenly I saw a girl who was very depressed and her face was sad. I asked my friend Shayan who she was is it your wife?

Shayan said with a laugh, “No, it’s not my wife. This is the person who dances for us until the morning, and she’s just a prostitute.” I was surprised and said, “Shayan, was it necessary for you to invite me to such a party?”

He told me again with a laugh, “Enjoy life, don’t look for these things, this prostitute herself wanted to come with me.”

He wiped away her tears and said that you were the first person to ask me these questions, and then (Shadokht) told the story of her life like this! I have sad stories and I am ashamed to tell them. I was happy, but for now I am just a prostitute, yesterday’s happiness and a current prostitute. It is a pity that my happiness was sacrificed for my negligence.

It was my first year at university, I was studying law, I was just a student, and one day I was going to become a lawyer and defend the rights of our poor people. My old father used to go with his trembling hands to work and find our home and university money. My two-year-old brother’s dry milk money and the money to find a cure for a sick mother who had cancer, when he came back from the market at night, she could no longer afford to drink bread without hugging my brother.

My father was the one who sacrificed his youth for us, but one day he didn’t breathe. My mother, despite having cancer, one day I didn’t see her moaning and crying, and my brother, who didn’t know about life’s games, what he would do with her!

I started the second semester with thousands of fears and anxieties, I was afraid that my parents would leave me alone with the fear of when I would be alone and alone, I would spend nights and days, but I still had hope in God Almighty.

I was alone in the classroom when my classmate (Hashmat) suddenly entered the classroom and asked, ” sister, why are you always in the classroom?” And like other girls, you don’t go to cafeteria and there is always fear on your face, can I know the reason? I promised myself that I would not let anyone in the class know the story of my life, but Heshmat, who called me sister, will not say the whole story of my life. He grabbed Hashmat by the throat and said, “Enough.” Enough! And he left the class.

The next day, my mother became seriously ill until we were taken to the hospital. We didn’t have the money for my mother’s surgery.

My father was getting more and more crooked, and his hopes for life were less; My brother was slowly experiencing motherhood! After my mother’s death, I had to work after university time! To pay for my brother’s milk powder and our night’s bread. Wherever I went because of my job, they asked me for work experience or made an illegitimate request, but I refused any illegal suggestions of them and came home. Finally, I begged on the street. On the first day of begging, I worked for 150 Afghanis on the second day, and I went to buy a pen to sell. Our lives were not provided. I decided to drop out of college and go into the classroom to say goodbye to everyone. How hard it is to say goodbye to your dreams and have to stop pursuing your dreams, which I did, and I said goodbye to everyone.

I searched for a job for days, but I couldn’t find it. hey sister, where are you going? Let’s take you. I went a little earlier and saw a young girl sitting in the car. I said, “Okay, Sister, I’m coming with you, but I’m just going somewhere.” The young lady said, “That’s right. I got in the car (got in the car) and moved.”

The question that had occupied my mind many times was repeated in my mind. What compulsion does this prostitute have to resort to this?

Everyone enjoyed the party and I was looking for answers to my questions!

I went to my daughter and asked her what was your name? how old are you?

With a depressed and sad face, he said: “What do you call me? I am happy. I am twenty years old. I am a prostitute. I am someone who spends my days and nights in their homes for a few minutes for the pleasure of the people.”

Hearing her words, many questions came to my mind, and I said to myself, I have to hear all the answers in “happy” language.

I started asking questions of Shadakht, do you have a family? Is anyone aware of your work? What made you become a prostitute …?

Happy to hear my questions, tears welled up in his eyes, and she grabbed her by the throat and said, “Why do you want to know about me, who I am, and why I do this?” As soon as I come to this party tonight, it is enough for you to have enjoy.

The young lady laughed and said, “It’s a pity you didn’t use of your youth. Use yourself happily and you don’t need to be on the streets.” Did you lie or did I speak your heart out? I said no, but I didn’t get you right. He gave me his furniture and said, “Now I’m going to work. Call me whenever you can. We’ll talk.” I said goodbye and got out of the car. When I got home, my father asked me if my daughter was happy. I said with tears in my eyes, “No, my brother John’s father, who had just arrived (opened his mouth).” To give my brother a thousand excuses, I put him to sleep and went to bed. I started crying about how to deal with these problems. I called the young lady, who could see you tomorrow. In the morning, I went to see the young lady and told her the whole story of my life. The young lady told me to call me “Asma”, and I told her that Asma was right, sister! Asma laughed when she heard the story of my life and said, “Use your youth happily.” Not worth the grief! I told Asma that you said this yesterday and now. Can you tell me how to use my youth? He said, “Come, I’ll take you to an office with you. Work.” I said, “I went many times. Nobody accepted me. Now, how is this office? I was happy and I found hope in life again and we went to the office. When I arrived at the office, Asma introduced me to the head of the office and left. I was sitting face to face with a man for the first time. My hands and feet were shaking. Suddenly, no one was talking. And your salary is two hundred dollars a month, and these hundred dollars from this month, now go to the lower room to change (change) your clothes.

I was very happy and started my work. I finished my work in the afternoon. I bought a one-month-old bear and brought it home with me. My father and brother were very happy. My father asked me where I got this money from. I bought soda.

My father didn’t say anything anymore. I went to bed and drew my wishes. A month passed. I didn’t even think about my dreams anymore, I just thought about going to get money and fulfilling the expenses of my father and brother! My life had changed; I was used to dollar money. It was Wednesday, my boss said, “Happy tomorrow night, we have a lot of guests. Get permission from your house that you will be in the office at night.” Tomorrow night it was 10 o’clock at night, but no one came. I asked the head of the guest owner, why didn’t He come? He said: I am your guest! I was scared and said what are you saying? The boss said, “Yes, tonight I am your guest and I am your guest.” I was a girl who had never spent the night anywhere, so I called for help, but no one came. The boss came and took the handkerchief in my mouth! I woke up the next morning that I was lethargic. The world was ruined for me. My life was ruined. I shouted and screamed, but no one gave it to me. The head of the room came and said good morning to me. I called Asma quickly and her furniture was off. Suddenly I remembered Asma’s chat that she had told me to use your youth. He did not call me without purpose to come into the car, and I was unaware that Asma had encouraged me to come to this office for one night because I was here and to have a job!

It was too late for my family to get used to the dollar, and I had to stay in the office for two weeks to find my father’s and my brother’s hut. Finally, one day my boss got tired of me and told me to fire me the next morning. You are not allowed to come into the office, and if you want, I will give you a hundred dollars a month, provided that you introduce me to someone like you.

I walked out of the office and thought to myself why my ruined life would ruin someone else’s life and introduce me to this office.

From then on, I started doing it on my own without anyone doubting me, and even my father didn’t know that I didn’t work in that office now.

I had to become a prostitute to make money. One night another places another night and that was the story of my life! Now have you found the answers to all your questions?

My happiness was a story that I lost with my own carelessness and thoughtlessness.

Hearing the happy words, he grabbed me by the throat and I was amazed at how evil humans have become that they take advantage of someone’s poverty.

The happy story is the story of the same men who are the prostitutes of princesses because of the cowardice of t