Ghani: Afghanistan will stand on its firm

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli
Simultaneously, as the peace talks are facing a stalemate, in the most recent case, President
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in response to a letter from US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and the US plan for peace in Afghanistan, said that papers and plans are coming. Still, with all of these, we will keep Afghanistan afloat.

Speaking today at Nimroz in the opening ceremony of Kamal Khan Dam, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani emphasized that he had a clear and self-reliant plan for Afghanistan’s future. And he will follow this plan seriously. According to the Afghan president: “We do not have the vision to tremble in any wind,” he added. Rumors come, papers come, and plans come; but Afghanistan is not a spot directly on the ground (Afghanistan will stand like a tree).”

A month ago, Joe Biden administration Secretary of State sent a warning letter to President Ghani urging him to accept a draft plan to establish an interim government in Afghanistan. In his speech today, Mr. Ghani reiterated that he has an alternative to the US peace plan and believes that this proposal will help Afghanistan achieve peace. According to Reuters, two presidential palace sources said President Ghani is trying to hold early elections in the next six months. “People do not want to go back; today, there is a clear need for us to pursue a clear and self-reliant plan,” Mr. Ghani said. “Afghanistan should not think about reaching out to begging anymore.”

The remarks come as a major summit with all countries involved in Turkey’s Afghan peace process are scheduled to take place in a few weeks. It is reported that Mr. Ghani will present his proposal to all participants at the Turkey summit. While the Taliban have intensified their fight against the Afghan security and defense forces in recent days, it is believed that if peace talks fail this time around, a fierce battle awaits Afghanistan.