Ghani: Five government departments have not used government funds

Economics محمد نبی کریمیMohammad Nabi karimi Tuesday May 4th, 2021 0 Views



President Ghani says billions of dollars in government budgets have been wasted in five Afghan government departments.


“Billions of dollars of government money have been left unused in five government offices, but this money has not been used optimally yet,” President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was addressing in the education week on Tuesday (May 14th) he stated that the current condition is unacceptable for his government. Although the President did not name the agencies, he said: “It is not acceptable for these government agencies to take billions of dollars hostage, and only two agencies have taken $ 1.6 billion hostages.”


Mr. Ghani added: “Any department that can not spend their budgets after this and the departments are not spent in the structure of their obligations in one year, the budget of these departments will be given to other institutions, we do not have this opportunity to waste money and time due to lack of capacity.”


At the same time, the President has said that the Taliban have damaged billions of dollars in Afghanistan’s infrastructure, including the country’s education infrastructure.


President Ghani recently said that the group had damaged Afghanistan’s infrastructure worth $ 1 billion. “Let’s not forget that the Taliban’s movements have damaged Afghanistan’s infrastructure by $ 1 billion,” he told the Governance and Human Resources Week on March 31st. I tell them, why do you spoil? “If you cannot build and do not have a positive plan, at least prevent destruction.” Mr. Ghani had asked this group to plant “flowers” and “wheat” instead of exploding mines and destructive actions and taking part in the country’s development.


In a part of his speech today, the President said that a new chapter in international cooperation with Afghanistan is emerging. However, he added that Afghanistan needs to expand its regional cooperation this season.


Mr. Ghani emphasized that the narrative of Afghanistan has now become the narrative of the region, and Afghans should know the region. He said the region’s view of Afghanistan had changed, and today the region’s development future was tied to Afghanistan.