Ghani: The condition of the fifth minaret of Herat must be assessed

Officials at the Afghan presidential palace said President Ghani has ordered a review of the construction of the fifth house in Herat. “President Ghani, in a conversation with Herat Governor Seyyed Abdul Wahid Qatali, asked him to set up a technical team to investigate the construction of the Fifth Minaret in Herat, which is one of the watersheds of the Timurid period,” the presidential palace said in a statement. “And send it to this place.”

“President Ashraf Ghani in this phone call to Herat Governor Seyyed Abdul Wahid Qatali instructed to finalize their assessments of the condition of the fifth minaret in Herat as soon as possible,” the presidential palace newsletter, which was published today (Sunday, November 01), said. “Mr. Ghani has said that the minaret of Herat Mosque is at least six centuries old and is considered one of the most important antiquities of the Timurid period, which must be preserved.”

Meanwhile, cultural officials in Herat have repeatedly warned of the collapse of the fifth minaret in Herat. Despite these warnings, nothing has been done to renovate the tower so far. However, Zalmai Safa, the director of preservation of historical monuments in the Herat Department of Information and Culture, told the media that the fifth minaret had been tilted a few centimeters and was more likely to fall if it was not repaired.

Meanwhile, the UNESCO Cultural Organization has installed sensors to detect the amount of monsoon wind vibrations and the deviation of the fifth minaret in 2017, which have the ability to accurately measure the risks of wind vibrations, cultural activists in Herat from The government wants to make a serious effort to restore the minaret as soon as possible to prevent its destruction. Cultural officials in Herat say the sensors are read every month and the results are sent to the Ministry of Information and Culture to report the status of the minaret to UNESCO.