Ghani: The Taliban are never ready for peace

Afghanistan Amran frobaliAmran Forobali Tuesday July 20th, 2021 0 Views




At the height of political strife and escalating violence in the country, President Ghani now says the Taliban have no interest in the peace process. The President emphasizes that the presence of senior officials of the Afghan High Reconciliation Council in Qatar was a sign of the national will for peace. Still, in response, the Taliban tried to change the situation in their favor with excuses, and Still, the group asks for war in the country.


Speaking after the Eid al-Adha prayers, the President said that the Taliban in the current situation seeks to gain strategic depth in Afghanistan and therefore tries to support the Taliban on the one hand and pretend that Islamabad on the other. It has never had any relations with the Taliban, and the country has not had any influence over the Taliban.


“The visit of the high-ranking delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Doha was only a show of goodwill towards the peace process. But contrary to expectations, the Taliban believe that the continuation of the war is the only option to reach,” said Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. “We have said in the past that the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners was the biggest political mistake. From Mali Khan to Anas Haqqani, they are now lining up and fighting against the Afghan government.” “It has been the world.”


President Ghani added: “The Taliban should be asked why they are trying to destroy Afghanistan’s infrastructure. According to statistics, at least 260 buildings and 150 mosques have been destroyed by the Taliban, which shows that the Taliban in “Pakistani support is working to destroy Afghanistan’s infrastructure. The group has no adherence to the peace process and will soon make the necessary decisions in light of the Taliban’s stance in Qatar.”


The President added that the Afghan government did not seek to perpetuate the war but to continue the fight to preserve the gains of two decades; He emphasizes that the Taliban, with the support of Pakistan, is trying to undermine Afghanistan’s national interests serve the interests of Islamabad.