Heavy casualties to the Taliban in Helmand province

Afghanistan یاسین ساداتمحمد یاسین سعادت Tuesday May 4th, 2021 0 Views

Security officials say more than 106 Taliban fighters have been killed in the past 24 hours in Helmand province.

“More than 106 Taliban fighters have been killed in the past 24 hours in attacks by security forces in Nahr-e-Siraj, Nawa, Garm-e-Sir, and Lashkar Gah districts of the provincial capital,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Tuesday. “And 37 others have been injured.”

The ministry added that eight high-ranking commanders were among the dead.

Meanwhile, reports from Helmand province indicate that the Taliban have been carrying out large-scale attacks in Lashkar Gah city and several districts of the province since yesterday, encircling Lashkar Gah city.

Helmand province

The Ministry of National Defense also announced the deployment of new troops to Helmand yesterday.

The ministry said security and defense forces, backed by the air force, had launched a series of targeted operations that had inflicted heavy casualties on the Taliban.

So far, the Taliban have not told the media about the incident.

 Taliban violence kills at least 11 to 49 civilians on a daily base

The Taliban have stepped up their attacks on Afghan security forces in recent days. Although American president Joe Biden two weeks ago officially announced the conclusive withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, which begin yesterday first May. But still, the Taliban have not given up their violence and have expanded their attacks.

As a result, the Afghan government and their allies have occasionally asked the Taliban to stop the violence as soon as possible and hold an immediate cease-fire. In response, the insurgent group has boosted their attacks on the Afghan forces and harming civilians.

In the most recent case, US media findings show that an average of at least 11 to 49 civilians has died in Taliban insurgency since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The Taliban have reportedly increased most of their operations in the south and southwest of the country. “The Taliban attacked checkpoints and security belts in the city of Qalat last night,” said Rajan Haq Bayan, head of the Zabul provincial council, acknowledging the increase in Taliban attacks.

“Clashes between security forces and the Taliban left at least three policemen dead and two others wounded.”

However, army officials in Zabul said at least nine Taliban fighters had been killed in the clashes. The clashes are said to have lasted for hours, with most of the damage to civilians.

Shocking reports were released by human rights organizations and human rights organizations after US President Joe Biden announced that September 15, the deadline for the withdrawal of US troops and their European allies, would be on April 15, 2021. At least 226 civilians and military personnel have been killed in Afghanistan’s 24 provinces from April 15 to 30, two weeks after the official withdrawal of US troops.

Statistics also show that 69 civilians were killed by roadside bombs and other acts of terrorism during this period, and 157 soldiers were killed in face-to-face battles. The report comes as a Taliban car bomb attack in Logar left at least 100 people dead and wounded, with Ghani urging retaliation.