Hell’s night for the Kabul residence; Merchant tankers on fire outbreak

Economics عمران فروبلیAmran Forobali Sunday May 2nd, 2021 0 Views

The night of the nineteenth Ramadan; The Kabul residence experienced a hellish night. At about 9:40 p.m., Kabul suddenly lost its light and was blown away by the flames of merchant tankers; Apparently, it was thought that the morning had arrived earlier than ever, and that scene was terrific.


In the first moments of this fire outbreak, people thought that the sun had risen at night; The sounds of several heavy explosions narrated a tragedy that has been repeated many times in Afghanistan and then silenced by the government’s superficiality. A tragedy that would only create problems for the Afghan citizens, and it would boost their fragile economy.


After unprecedented fires in the necessary customs of the country, including Islam Qala, Mill Seventy-seven, and some other customs, this time Kabul hosted a terrible fire outbreak, but this fire was not in the custom of Kabul, suddenly this horrifying incident took place at the entrance gate of Kabul at least kilometers away from the presidential palace. This shocking incident took place in the northern entrance gate of Kabul that dozens of the oil and fuel Tankers of the traders were on fire.

The Interior Ministry confirmed the fire in the first instance, saying that the first details indicated that a fuel tank had caught fire in the 17th district of Kabul. But little by little, this event turned into a disaster.


After investigations, it was reported that the fire took place in Qala-e-Moradbeg Fortress in the north of Kabul, and last night the citizens witnessed a terrible fire that terrified all the residents of the capital.


The story took place when the oil tanker first caught fire due to unknown factors, and since there was no fire service in this place, the flames of other tankers engulfed the fire and blew away all the merchants’ possessions.

انفجار تانکر های نفت در عقب کوتل خیرخانه شهر کابل (3)

Dozens of tankers allegedly carrying thousands of tons of liquid oil into Kabul caught fire in the incident. So far, no information has been reported about the collective cost of the losses of this event, nor has any information been provided regarding its casualties.

This incident took place just in a time that earlier a few months ago, a massive fire in the port of Islam Qala caused millions of dollars in financial losses to oil traders. The government also sent a fact-finding committee to follow the causes of this incident. The officials emphasized that it will assess the extent of the merchant’s damage and contribute to the payment of compensation, But this commitment of the Ghani government was an inscription on the ice that melted when left in the sun forgotten.