Hilah Najib: Peace talks are meaningless without a ceasefire

Dr. Hilla Najib, daughter of former Afghan president in a special interview with the Guardians, says the Taliban-US peace talks without the Afghan government are meaningless and that the US and Taliban should be governed at this stage of the dialogue. Also, include. “The talks between the US and the Taliban will be meaningless as long as the Afghan government is not involved in the process,” Najib said. “In addition to achieving peace, it is essential that all parties are involved equally in the peace process.”

The noble lady believes that if there is no permanent ceasefire, advancing peace talks will not help end the war by reducing violence. “In order to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan, which is no longer ideal, there needs to be a permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan, because you cannot force the Taliban to reduce their violence,” he said. “The current government in Afghanistan is currently well-positioned to provide peace in the country and, as government officials say, it is necessary to provide an immediate, long-term ceasefire and then negotiate with the parties.”

Lady Najib says that one of her long-held aspirations after the end of the war in Afghanistan is that she can freely go to her father’s and her kennels. “As a citizen of Afghanistan, my greatest wish is that if peace is ensured in Afghanistan and peace across the country, I want to go to my father and Kakim’s tomb and pray for them,” she says. If the Afghan government does not have a stake in peace talks, the country may again face a new crisis, in which case all subsequent gains will be wasted.

Currently, Lady Hale Noble is pursuing her doctorate. He holds a master’s degree in peace and war in the conflicting countries.