Holding a meeting on the role of study in human evolution

The current of thought promoting the culture of reading in the country, on Friday, 23  October 2020, held a Kabul program under the name (importance, impact, and role of reading and studying in society) with the presence of its members.

At the beginning of the program, Dr. Abasin Mohebbi, one of the founders of this school of thought, provided comprehensive information about the history of this inviting movement and its role in perfecting society’s people. Mr. Mohebbi found the ultimate goal of launching reading programs to find a way out. Awareness and enlightenment, he added, adding that the only way out of the current situation and reach the desired state is to grab the book to be aware of the nature of the universe and human existence to make an informed choice to advance its political and social life. Mohebbi asked participants to participate in book reading programs on Fridays and to share their savings with others.

Dr. Mohieddin Hamza, one of the other speakers at the meeting, considered peace and reconciliation important in human social life and said that external peace is not possible without internal reconciliation. According to Mr. Hamzeh, to achieve peace in a society, it is necessary for every human being to create peace within himself (the individual) in the first place, which changes his thoughts in the first place and change his behavior in the next step, which ultimately affects It also it can be conceived in the heart of society. He added that peace is not possible only through agreements and memoranda of understanding between social and political institutions, so it is necessary to seek peace within human beings, one of the vital human needs.

Then, Professor Khalid Zarif, speaking about responsibility and faith, described faith as the inner love created according to piety and belief in human beings. Mr. Zarif said that faith in human beings is vital that causes peace of mind, peace of mind. , Happiness and joy of the heart become in him. Therefore, for man to eliminate moral perfection, the proof of sacrifices, and the conflict between the power of the individual and society, it is necessary to have faith to fill this gap. According to him, a man with such characteristics is responsible for joining society by using the power of faith and influencing his social life.

On the other hand, Mohammad Tahab Nawabi, considering man’s position as the top creatures among other creatures and works of God, providing comprehensive information about the purpose of creating a creature called man. According to him, every school has answered this question according to its ideology and beliefs, from philosophy and wisdom to the Abrahamic religions. The ultimate goal of human creation is to be close to God to the perfect man. Mr. Nawabi believes that for man to know how he/she exists or why he/she was created, he/she should refer to books and works in which he refers to the nature of a social being called man, who was created autonomously.

Dr. Mokhtar Hashemi presented a topic related to the study of the human condition in the psychological sciences, analyzed the diseases and symptoms of the mentally ill, informed the participants about its types and symptoms, and said that there are many ways to identify and treat such patients. It is one of the most effective ways of working in psychology. According to Mr. Hashemi, based on studies with an enlightened approach, in mental illnesses from Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia to depression and narcissism, the first step of thoughts and then the unusual behavior caused by the patient’s psyche is studied to see which social factors It has caused such diseases in him.

Dr. Farid Khair Andish, to make a difference in society, considered goal-setting significant and added that by using the experience and learning from past regimes, it is necessary for each thought stream to make an accurate and conscious choice the place and time. With that in mind, he can consciously reach the goal. According to him, no system can bring society from the current situation to the desired situation unless it has a proper study and understanding of the context and the heart of the society in which it lives.

Matiullah Holland, another speaker at the meeting, stressed the importance of reading in human beings’ development, adding that reading books and studying broadens the human vision of the world around them and makes them look at material phenomena from a narrow-minded and one-sided perspective. Spirituality creates freedom. He believes that religion is not just a doctrinal aspect but that superficial perceptions and misunderstandings have led to the omission of other layers of it that contribute to human development.

In the end, Dr. Abasin Mohebbi thanked the participants of the meeting and asked them once again to exchange books and complete the understanding of understanding social affairs and achieve a dynamic society. Every human being is obliged to read books and Make his savings available to others. Mr. Mohebbi said that the only effective way to achieve this goal is to participate in such programs that are launched to enlighten and institutionalize reading culture.