Holding the Conference of the World Muslim Union for Peace in Afghanistan

Peace Shekaib ZaheerShekab Zahir Thursday June 10th, 2021 0 Views



The World Muslim League (Muslim World League) hosts an Islamic conference in Mecca on Thursday to ensure peace in Afghanistan.

The summit is led by Saudi Arabia and is expected to be attended by senior Islamic leaders from Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is said that the agenda of this meeting is to find a profound and provocative solution to ensure peace between the parties involved; To ensure lasting peace in Afghanistan.


The organizers of the meeting say that the World Union of Muslims has a crucial role in resolving disputes and conflicts in the Islamic world. They stress that holding the Saudi-led summit could be a turning point. “The role of the World Muslim Union can be significant in resolving the differences and tensions between the social fabric of the Islamic world, and this can increase the opportunity to support dialogue,” the statement said. “Extremism in Afghanistan causes ignorance, racism, and intolerable narratives. Therefore, we need to prevent bloodshed with knowledge, awareness, and clarity of mind, and at the same time provide the ground for good Islamic beliefs.”


“Holding this conference can show the same sense of historical responsibility of the Muslim World Union that Muslims must have mutual respect and a desire for unity,” Arab News quoted the organizers of the Islamic Conference as saying. “Unity and coordination, community security, and citizen immunity will be the focus of this conference.”


The program is inaugurated by Muhaddith bin Abdul Karim al-Sah, secretary-general of the World Muslim Union. The meeting will be hosted by Qassem Halimi, Minister of Hajj and Endowments of Afghanistan, and Noorul Haq Qaderi, Minister of Religious Affairs and Guidance of Pakistan.


In addition, several Afghan and regional diplomats are expected to attend the meeting, including Ahmad Javed Mujaddedi, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, General Bilal Abu Bakr, Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Shafiq Samim, Afghanistan’s permanent representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and Rezwan Sayed Sheikh, Pakistan Permanent Representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.


It is said that the conference will have five sections and 20 speakers, with the majority of speakers being Islamic scholars. Speakers at the meeting focused on peace, tolerance, moderation, reconciliation in Islam, Islam’s approach to maintaining human dignity and life, consensus-based on Islamic principles, the importance of regional peace and security, and the role of scientists in resolving regional conflicts and supporting Peacebuilding efforts will be focused.


The ceremony ends with the reading of the final resolution and the declaration of peace in Afghanistan.