I Believe in Afghanistan development!

Today, all the minds are asleep, not eager to wake up; sometimes, they want to open their eyes and say, “Well, Afghanistan is not going to happen, so I remember this is the nation.”

Do you know about Afghanistan’s history, what opportunities our pasts have had for their lives?

Yesterday all the people of Afghanistan had no vehicles and used their camel to move their belongings, today the world’s most modern cars are circulating on Kabul roads.

Yesterday, if we were talking about technology, it was thought that Afghanistan was behind in technology and had no achievements, but the technology was implemented in this country, and the people around the world were aware.

Yesterday, those who wanted to travel from Afghanistan to neighboring countries had to travel all the way with their bare feet, but today every citizen of the country can obtain a passport for himself and visit the whole world.

Yesterday we had mud houses and curved houses but today we can see skyscrapers in Kabul.

I do not know any further developments in Afghanistan that no one can see. Please respect what is done in your home country.

Afghanistan will prosper and prosper but overtime …

Do you believe in Afghanistan?