I have not seen a country where money is wasted from its trees!


Farhad Darya


Farhad Darya, one of Afghanistan’s most famous singers, wrote on his profile page that it was time to flee to stand up for Afghanistan. Mr. Darya says that no country gives free money to human beings or gives extra cash to its citizens. Darya tells the story of a friend who thought that foreign governments had vast sums of money and that Afghan citizens who took refuge in these countries lived in luxury and had a comfortable life with the most advanced facilities; “Not only is there a time and space gap between Afghan refugees, but there is also a lack of mutual understanding,” Darya continued.


He emphasizes that such beliefs create a vacuum, and in many cases, such misunderstandings lead to incorrect judgments. Therefore, we also transmit this writing of Mr. Darya to you with complete originality without interfering with the text. Our goal is to create a better information environment and instant social networks that can be more effective than ever to convey the message in the current situation. Therefore, we will try to provide you with valuable content and, without a doubt, narrate the existing unspoken words by placing official pages on social networks.


One of our childhood playmates, who played together in the alley of “Chukrak Bath” in the beautiful province of Kunduz, Lolakdwani and “Peshtaq,” told me yesterday on the phone, “Afghans in the West are talking under their soft and warm sheets. “Arrows and free social dollars have also fallen from their trees. O people, what do we get from our hearts?” I confess I was heartbroken to hear that friend’s judgment.


There is a spatial and temporal gap between refugees living in Western countries and compatriots inside Afghanistan and a gap of mutual understanding. This vacuum, in most cases, leads to misunderstandings and misperceptions and may widen the gap between them.


Refugees living in the West know what is going on inside Afghanistan. Before migrating, this group had experienced and lived through all the difficulties inside Afghanistan with their blood, blood vessels, and skin, and they knew very well that the so-called one-person flour of that life was a few fairs. As a result, they send millions of dollars a year to their families and those in need at home. This money may not come from “social” wages and government grants. Because those aids – if any – are immortal. The money these refugees send to Afghanistan is the result of their twenty-four-hour work and sweat. They proudly share their child’s water and bread with their loved ones inside the country. In contrast, loved ones in Afghanistan compare the standard of living in the West to the only way they can afford it – Hollywood movies, anti-Western propaganda, fashion videos, and so-called YouTube, Instagram, and ticketing.


On the other hand, loved ones living in Western countries, who have spent years living in host countries, may no longer be able to understand the “goldsmith” language of domestic politics, as they used to say. Guess from a distance.


It is more worthy and comradely that we do not misjudge each other but understand each other so that an understanding can be formed between us. Today’s world is a world of closeness and unity, not a world of separation and fragmentation! The flesh is inseparable from nails! We need each other!