I’m a woman!

It takes courage to approach my farthest thoughts!

I do not wish to prostrate to God more than I am above and beyond, but I am proud to be standing like a strong, aged tree that does not shake with the passage of any wind!

Sometimes I try to play a man. I work for a man. I think a man promises to be a man, but I can do everything I can!

The pain comes from the bright, colorful social thinking gesture that only shatters me and the rest of the women.

And they cling to me on the black wall of the oven and the pot.

I am fed up with the culture and traditions of malice and illiteracy of girls, born of their own.

I am hooked on the nickname of the housewife who is not familiar with the name of freedom and is unaware of her existence.

(I am a woman) With every sound of these words, my courage is stronger than yesterday, and for a few seconds, I become a stranger to myself!

I’m not talking about all women, I’m depicting a woman who was raised in darkness and ignorance and buried alive in hell and hell!

I raise the flag of a woman I refresh her memories that we destroyed many years ago (the tragedy of a mass slaughter!).

The smell of her blood still haunts us, my pen is just the voice of this group of women.

If we are going to make a gift for this day’s celebration then let’s finish with a repetition of the sad day.

Until tomorrow, Manotou is no longer a happy country.

I am a woman, not second sex, not a twisted creature, not a skinny, not a painted picture, not a winking doll, not a full-time laborer, not a hatchery.

I try to be what I think without hating the other …

Beyond all blind imaginations, abnormal norms, unholy sanctuaries!

At the end of the discussion, it is reminiscent of the day we all tried to pass that generation on.

Women’s Day!

A day to shine on the brightest sunshine, a day to learn the scent of lilac and jasmine flowers, a day to embrace the most luminous Fatimid seal in the lush gardens, a day to open the heart to the blue sky, and a day to dress the most beautiful in pearls  It is knowledge.

-freshta mahboby