Increase in suspected cases of Covi-19 virus in Kabul

The Afghan Ministry of Public Health has reported that suspected incidents of Covid-19 in Kabul have increased after Herat province. Afghan Ministry of Public Health spokesman Wahidullah Mayar while speaking at a news conference, said: that although no positive Covid-19 incidents were registered in the country in the past 24 hours, the number of suspicious incidents in Kabul has increased. According to Mr. Wahid Mayar: “After Herat, Kabul has witnessed suspicious events, so far 222 doubtful cases have been registered in Kabul. “In the past few days, at least 952 people have tested themself, 6 of whom have been admitted on suspicion of Covid-19.”

Meanwhile, the Afghan Ministry of Public Health has announced that 449 suspected incidents have been reported to the Ministry of Health’s laboratories so far. Of these, 24 are positive, 413 are negative, and 12 are under investigation. All of these incidents have been reported from 28 provinces and, most of the samples have been sent to health ministry central laboratories in Kabul.